The Tibetan Community Foundation is committed to promoting and preserving the unique Tibetan culture for future generations. Our foundation recognizes that Tibetan culture holds intrinsic value for the community itself, as well as for the wider Dutch society. To achieve our goals, we plan to request ANBI status from the tax authorities this year.

The Board believes that a strong and well-integrated community has the opportunity and means to maintain its culture and share it with the world. Therefore, the foundation focuses not only on strengthening the Tibetan community but also on building bridges between the Tibetan and Dutch communities. This will create a mutually beneficial and positive interaction. An important part of our vision is to raise funds for the establishment and operation of a Tibetan Cultural Center. With its own Cultural Center, the foundation can continue to achieve its objectives and further strengthen its outreach to both the Tibetan and Dutch population.

Obtaining the ANBI status is a critical condition and priority for the coming year. If granted, donors can deduct their donations to the foundation from their tax forms.

We look forward to working towards our goals with the support of the Dutch society.

● ANBI policy document Tibetan Community Foundation 2022

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