Tibetaanse Gemeenschap Nederland

Tibetan Community Netherlands

How to help


With your contribution, the Tibetan Community can realize its dream to promote Tibetan culture, religion, traditions and language in the Netherlands and preserve them for future generations. Not only for us as Tibetans. Our unique Tibetan culture of compassion and wisdom has beautiful values to offer to Dutch society at large. Help us to become this bridge between cultures through the establishment of a Tibetan Cultural Centre.

Donate with tax advantage

A major part of your contribution to the Tibetan Community can be received back from tax, if  you record your contribution as a so called periodic donation. We will be really grateful as with an periodic donation we may count on your support for a longer term which will provide us more security to continue our efforts in the future.

Major donations

With the help of major donors, we will be able to do more and achieve our mission faster. At the moment, our efforts are focused on realising a Tibetan Cultural Centre in the Netherlands. We would welcome major donations to help us make this dream come true

Become an active friend

Financial contributions are not the only way you could help us out. If you are motivated to contribute by donating your spare time, special skills, a relevant network or in other ways, please get in touch. We will be happy to explore how you could make our community and projects stronger.

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