Tibetaanse Gemeenschap Nederland

Tibetan Community Netherlands

In the Netherlands, about a thousand Tibetans have now managed to build up a new life thanks to the hospitality and support of the people in their new country. In the year 2005, a Tibetan welfare organisation was founded in order to strengthen mutual ties and to promote the broader interests of the Tibetans living in the Netherlands. The organisation is called ‘Tibetan Community Netherlands’. We run our community based on key principles, highlighting the importance of maintaining the non-sectarian and non-regionalist attitude or way of life.

The 8 board members, including the president and vice president, are elected for a 3-year term during elections. The Tibetans in the Netherlands form a harmonious and united community, based on genuine mutual respect and good relationships with each other.

 In brief, the community follows the unsurpassable guidance provided by His Holiness the Dalai Lama and we follow the directives of the Central Tibetan Administration based in Dharamsala, India. It is our firm pledge and promise that we remain firmly committed to such guidance in the future and strive for making further progress and development.


“ To be a bridge between the Tibetans in the Netherlands and Dutch society, building a strong community well connected with Dutch society, while remaining strongly rooted in the Tibetan culture ”


“Promoting Tibetan culture, religion, traditions and language in the Netherlands and preserving them for future generations; forming a bridge between the Tibetan community and Dutch society, creating a positive exchange and mutual appreciation between the unique Tibetan culture of compassion and wisdom on the one hand, and freedom, security and support on the other; to use our own freedom for that of our compatriots in Tibet and to promote sustainable development in Tibet in the fields of religion, culture, language education, health, and environment, and social projects”

How we do?

  • Organise traditional Tibetan holidays and commemorations.
  • Providing Tibetan language and cultural related courses through our Gangjong Rigzod weekend school.
  • Guiding new Tibetan refugees in the Netherlands
  • Stimulating active participation and integration within Dutch society
  • Preserving Tibetan culture and raising awareness about the human rights situation in Tibet together with human rights organisations.
  • Establishment of Tibetan Cultural Center in The Netherlands.
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