Tibetaanse Gemeenschap Nederland

Tibetan Community Netherlands

The Netherlands is home to around 1000 Tibetans. Over the past years, members of the Tibetan community have worked hard to achieve our dream of establishing a community centre which we can call home. With the increasing numbers of newcomers and children in our community, we would love to create a permanent location so that we can facilitate the preservation of our culture and celebrate our identity as a Tibetan. 

The centre should also become a place where the Tibetan community and Dutch society can meet for a positive exchange between the unique Tibetan culture of compassion and wisdom on the one hand, and freedom, security and support on the other.

With the big dream and hope in our heart to realise such a place, the members of the Tibetan community already collected 300,000 euros among themselves. This is not enough to reach the goal, so donations are highly appreciated. 

The main goals of the Tibetan Cultural Centre:
  1. offering a permanent meeting place for Tibetans and language and cultural related programs
  2. serving as a public space for spiritual activities
  3. bringing the Dutch public into contact with Tibetan culture and its traditions
  4. acting as a coordination centre for the Tibetan Community in the Netherlands

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